All your Data in one place … wouldn’t that be great!!

Posted by David Goddard on 27-Nov-2017 10:24:53

Many, many years ago we aspired to, that’s us guys in accounting, find ways to speed up data entry. The computer, along with the advent of accounting software did this for us, and we took to it like ducks to water. Over the years the IT evolution has become more demystified and the competency has grown in leaps and bounds, with most people being reasonably confident with how their accounting systems work.

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Drive, Ignite, Boost, Propel...Realise Your Business Potential with Sage 200c!!

Posted by Natasha Mortimer on 10-Nov-2017 14:21:07

If I were to ask you…

Propel: “How could 200c help you realise your business potential?”

You may very well just turn around to me and say, “I don’t really understand how the level of humidity correlates with success.”

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The launch of Sage Business Cloud

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 07-Nov-2017 12:03:23


At Acuity, we embraced change possibly a little ahead of the curve, and though the past 18 months have seen the transformation and adoption of Sage's cloud solutions add value to our business and our customer business alike.

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Thew Arnott chooses Acuity for Sage 200 upgrade!

Posted by Vanessa Reid on 13-Oct-2017 10:03:58

We are excited to announce that we will be working with Thew Arnott to implement and support them with their new Sage 200 system. Thew Arnott have spent 150 years focusing on developing, manufacturing and providing customers with speciality ingredients.

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Exploring why you should create a Paperless Office

Posted by Alan Gonsalves on 11-Sep-2017 10:59:57

When speaking to our customers we are, understandably, heavily focused on delivering value and assisting businesses in recognising efficiency gains. These can take a number of forms, but a couple of recent conversations with customers caught my attention, because they revolved around the subject of document management and the paperless office.

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Craig Roshier joins the Acuity Team!

Posted by Vanessa Reid on 17-Jul-2017 14:15:44

Here at Acuity, we are excited to announce that Craig Roshier has recently joined the team as our new Senior Account Manager. Craig has spent over 13 years working in the Sage community so we are looking forward to the knowledge and experience he brings. I wanted to take the opportunity to hear Craig's views and visions for Acuity. 

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Our CMO discusses Cloud Solutions with Sage and IDC!

Posted by Vanessa Reid on 23-Jun-2017 12:14:18

Recently our CMO, Marcus Leathwood, has had a discussion with Sage and IDC around Cloud Solutions. With the IT industry going through a huge change brought about by customer demand combined with the four disruptive technologies; Cloud, Mobile, Big Data analytics and Social, it is interesting to hear Marcus' view on how Cloud is forcing change in the way the business channel operates. 

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Our Head of Account Management's views on Business Intelligence (BI)

Posted by Alan Gonsalves on 14-Jun-2017 15:44:29

Here at Acuity we pay close attention to the trends in our customer base. We look closely at the nature of our support calls and the content of dialogue with both existing and prospective customers. Over the last few months reporting and analysis have been highly prominent – a trend we believe reflects the huge extent to which technology is part of our everyday lives and the fact that so many of our daily activities are data-driven.

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Topics: Sage 200, Business Intelligence, Sage 300, Sage X3

5 Reasons to move to Sage Live!

Posted by Vanessa Reid on 23-May-2017 11:03:42

Following our recent blogs; Sage Live...back in the kitchen! and An interview with our CEO and COO on Sage Live, Salesforce and Kimble, I wanted to write a blog explaining the 5 top reasons to move to Sage Live.

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Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Bots

Posted by Karan Nayee on 05-Apr-2017 10:07:10

In August 2016, Marcus (our CMO), wrote a Blog on the momentum when Sage were making their ChatBot 'HelloPegg' and I have been watching the progress and adoption over the past 6 months.

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