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Sage Live...Back in the Kitchen!

Posted by Andy Draper on 21-Mar-2017 09:18:38

It’s been a while since I was able to find the time to update the avid readers of my blog series on Sage Live and it’s evolution of late, but finally I find a short window of opportunity nestled between pan seared seabass and parsley-pepper new potatoes and a bottle of the finest Dezzani 2008 Barolo from time gone by.

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Sage Live, Enter Another Dimension

Posted by Andy Draper on 22-Aug-2016 10:05:46

What is another dimension I hear you ask; is it simply another location – an alternate reality or universe?  No – it is a mechanism that allows Sage Live Analytical Reporting to take place.  Surprised? You should be – and here’s why.

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Sage Live; Breaking the Rules

Posted by Andy Draper on 19-Aug-2016 11:30:03

For the uninitiated, Sage Live (and cloud accounting software in general) can seem like a daunting thing.  It’s an incredibly powerful and simply beautiful piece of work that provides end users the ability to control their accounting functions the way they see fit.  There are an obvious handful of the usual suspects competing for supremacy in the wider domain, but I wanted to highlight some particular features of Sage Live that are close to me and dive into the powerful rules by which the application routes your transactions to the appropriate accounts.

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Sage Live part 2

Posted by Andy Draper on 28-Oct-2015 16:34:00

Week 2 update;  Sage Live Project Leader Andy Draper reflect on his experience to-date with Sage Live , in a discussion with Head of Marketing Marcus Leathwood, both lovers of food and cooking so here's the output.

Sage Live – or, if you were a Chef you might refer to this as ‘Tarte Tatin’…

So, there I was, ogling the eye-candy latest offering at Sage Summit in New Orleans and some might say – this bloke’s missed the boat; we already know everything there is to know about Sage Live – but you would be wrong!

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To C or not to C – that is the question… Sage 300c

Posted by Andy Draper on 23-Oct-2015 07:40:21

Recently Sage introduced a new character into its taxonomy which goes some way to making up for the removal of ERP from its product range (just my opinion). The character is ‘C’ and stands for connected; this is in the forthcoming release from Sage that applies to both Sage 100 and Sage 300 Product Lines. 

As a champion of the Sage 300 team here at Acuity Solutions, I was present at the 2015 Sage Summit in New Orleans some weeks back to get to grips with Sage 300c.

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ERP Solutions – All About That Base

Posted by Andy Draper on 02-Jul-2015 16:49:00


The key to success with developing ERP Solutions is to have a broad spectrum from which to draw the experience required to project yourselves further into the market-place.

There is no doubt that here at Acuity Solutions, with particular reference (but not limited to) Sage 300 ERP and across the other Sage products (Sage ERP X3 and Sage 200) we deal on a day-to-day basis with our customer base.

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ERP projects; short cuts or the path of least resistance?

Posted by Andy Draper on 25-Jun-2015 07:36:00

Are users using your application in the way in which it was intended? Or have they found a ‘short-cut’ or alternate path that was not considered during initial application design and testing?

It can be said that on occasion, some user-defined shortcuts do lead to time saving efficiency, but is this to be considered the norm and converted into best practice?  It’s a well-reasoned argument and one that provokes us to analyse your requirements in greater detail.

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