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Inspiration from the Equine World

Posted by Kessie Merritt on 31-Oct-2016 07:48:03

Ask any horse lover about their relationship with horses and they are likely to tell you that it is a form of addiction.  For some it is the adrenaline fuelled experience of galloping across a field, for others it is the feeling of partnership with an incredible animal.  In addition to the riding there is also the outdoor lifestyle which goes hand in hand with the world of horses.

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Reviewing your Financial Systems; the Questions that Need to be Asked

Posted by Kessie Merritt on 15-Jul-2015 09:30:00

Recent studies show that the average ERP system remains in place for between seven and nine years. If you selected your system more than three years ago you will find that technology has moved on significantly. It is quite likely that there could be important developments such as process automation that you are potentially missing out on. We have created this short check list as a guide for any businesses who are considering upgrading or replacing their current ERP system.

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