Drive, Ignite, Boost, Propel...Realise Your Business Potential with Sage 200c!!

Posted by Natasha Mortimer on 10-Nov-2017 14:21:07
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If I were to ask you…

Propel: “How could 200c help you realise your business potential?”

You may very well just turn around to me and say, “I don’t really understand how the level of humidity correlates with success.”

But, if I were to begin with asking you to consider the following:

Drive: “What could you do with an extra eight hours a week?”

Ignite: “Why would you like to influence productivity within your business?”

Boost: “When does ‘knowledge equals power’ become more than just a phrase?”

Even before ‘talking product’, what would your emotive response be?

Sage 200c: What's Changed?

Following Sage’s decision to re-strategize some of the marketing around their product portfolio, Sage 200 has not only had its periodical functional ‘face-lift’, but has also gone through a process of rebranding.

This is where Sage’s latest release, Sage 200c, comes in. This may also be referred to as being the ‘2017 version’ of Sage 200.

As with previous versions of this Financial Management system, Sage have provided customers two options to choose from: ‘Standard’ or ‘Professional’. Each has a range of new and improved features, with ‘Professional’ providing additional functionality to that in ‘Standard’. (N.B. Functionality may differ with 200c Online.))

Overview 2.png

New features: The Highlights

‘Drive’, ‘Ignite’, ‘Boost’, ‘Propel.’

If you have travelled to London Waterloo recently, you may recognize these as the key terms adopted by Sage for 200c for their latest customer campaign. Having listened to feedback from customers on what they felt should be addressed in the Sage 200 future roadmap, Sage have turned their focus upon the fundamental drive behind 200c –  to assist customers in realising their business potential.


 Invoicing Module

Invoicing a module.jpg

  • Produce Invoices and Credit Notes without needing to use the Stock module.
  • With no despatch process, you can instantly print or email your invoices.
  • Free text line items, charges, and comments.
  • New grid format for easier data entry.
  • Report on profitability; use analysis codes for reporting.


Bank Feeds

Bank feeds.jpg

  • Download your bank transactions to 200c to help you reconcile your bank account. Match downloaded bank transactions to the existing transactions in 200c, or create new transactions if something is missing.
  • Reduce time spent reconciling bank transactions by 200c remembering matched transactions.
  • Ensures that your accounts are up to date and accurate.


Nominal Analysis Codes

Nominal Analysis Code.png

  • Gain greater insight into your data by storing analysis codes on each nominal record.
  • Use on reporting, Workspaces, and Lists.


Purchase Requisitions

  • Sage have created another stage prior to the creation of a Purchase Order, to assist customers in maintaining control over the Purchase Order Processing module.
  • This also reduces the need to cancel unauthorised purchase orders.


Sales Order Status

Sale Order Status.jpg

  • Check the progression of your Sales Orders by tracking the status of the order, from ‘Ready for Allocation’, right through to ‘Invoiced’.

If you would like to see more of Sage’s latest release, please join us on Monday 27th November 2017 or Friday 1st December 2017 for an exclusive overview demonstration of 200c’s new features and functionality!

Visit the link to reserve your space now:


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