Sage Live...Back in the Kitchen!

Posted by Andy Draper on 21-Mar-2017 09:18:38

It’s been a while since I was able to find the time to update the avid readers of my blog series on Sage Live and it’s evolution of late, but finally I find a short window of opportunity nestled between pan seared seabass and parsley-pepper new potatoes and a bottle of the finest Dezzani 2008 Barolo from time gone by.

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Stephen Clarke joins the Acuity Team!

Posted by Vanessa Reid on 20-Mar-2017 13:59:01

Here at Acuity, we are excited to announce that Stephen Clarke has recently joined the team as our new Sales Director. Stephen has spent over 20 years working in the Sage community so we are looking forward to the knowledge and experience he brings. I wanted to take the opportunity to hear Stephen’s views and vision for Acuity.

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Out of the box!

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 17-Mar-2017 12:10:54

I am and have been since childhood an avid Lego fan, now a parent (of a 5 year old) I have the excuse to revive my interest in Lego.

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What does it mean to be a pioneer?

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 08-Feb-2017 12:14:41

To clarify, we cannot take the plaudits for the development of the software solution #SageLive but as the first UK partner to adopt Sage Live I can explain a little of how this pioneering journey began and the lessons we learnt.

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An interview with our CMO and Head of Account Management on our product portfolio

Posted by James Mitchell on 01-Feb-2017 16:01:51

Following last week’s blog, we wanted to hear the views of Marcus Leathwood, our CMO, and Alan Gonsalves, our Head of Account Management on our new product portfolio.

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An interview with our CEO and COO on Sage Live, Salesforce and Kimble

Posted by James Mitchell on 20-Jan-2017 11:51:05


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Inspiration from the Equine World

Posted by Kessie Merritt on 31-Oct-2016 07:48:03

Ask any horse lover about their relationship with horses and they are likely to tell you that it is a form of addiction.  For some it is the adrenaline fuelled experience of galloping across a field, for others it is the feeling of partnership with an incredible animal.  In addition to the riding there is also the outdoor lifestyle which goes hand in hand with the world of horses.

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Getting more from Sage Live

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 09-Oct-2016 19:45:00

With Sage Live winning '2016 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award' in the 'App Cloud' category at Dreamforce this week, I wanted to provide some further insight into the Acuity Professional services offering.

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A look at some of the new features in Sage 200 2016

Posted by Cloudia Harding on 19-Sep-2016 10:26:13

Sage 200 2016 is here and ready to enhance your Sage 200 system! The landmark release of Sage 200 2015 brought with it some big visual changes and amendments to the user interface. The 2016 version now builds upon this new look and feel with the addition of new and enhanced features to deliver an intuitive and flexible solution. Not only this but Sage 200 2016 offers the latest in system compatibility, supporting Windows 10 and Office 2016.

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Integration of HR and Finance

Posted by Pam Raiyat on 18-Sep-2016 16:00:00


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