Sage Enterprise Management Help Series: How to Attach Files

Posted by Herman Pio on 04-Oct-2018 10:00:22
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As Acuity continues to expand globally our Sage Enterprise Management support team follows suit. With both the South African and Weybridge offices working together to provide the best support available where we have decided to start sharing our knowledge via several blogs.

In the upcoming series we will endeavor to tackle several commonly raised issues and through that help you make the most of the Sage Enterprise Management system.

Here I will go into more detail on the Sage Enterprise Management built-in attachment feature that offers the ability to attach various types of documents from your PC to a record.

The easiest method to ensure that all users can open and view attachments is to create a shared folder that everyone can access on their PCs; then train your users to copy and paste the files they intend to attach to this shared folder; and finally, attach these files in Sage Enterprise Management. 

How to go about attaching files in Sage Enterprise Management?

Open a transaction in Sage Enterprise Management.

For transactions that don’t have any attachments, go to the paperclip button in the right panel of the screen. This will open the attachment window.

The attachments window opens.

On the right-hand side of the screen click on the add image button. This will open another window where you can select the document/image that you want to attach.

Select the file that you would like to add to the transaction.

Once you have selected the file it will upload into the box and will display as follows.

Once you click on OK all the detail in the grid will be populated.

The document name can now be changed as well as the type. The system will detect the file type from what you have selected but this can be changed again.

You can also enter up to 5 keywords on the attachments, but it can also be left blank.

Click on OK in the right panel to save the attachment to the transaction.

If a transaction does have an attachment linked to it, it will be displayed with a green tick mark.

If you click on the paperclip again it will open the attachment window.

You can add more images, or you can just view it by means of clicking on the button in the view field.

Once you click on the button in the view field the Entry block will display where you can see the image.

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