Sage Enterprise Management Help Series: How to stop and start batch server and accounting tasks

Posted by Herman Pio on 10-Oct-2018 09:30:00
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As Acuity continues to expand globally our Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) support team follows suit. With both the South African and Weybridge offices working together to provide the best support available we have decided to start sharing our knowledge via several blogs.

In the upcoming series we will endeavor to tackle several commonly raised issues and through that help you make the most of the Sage Enterprise Management system.

Here I will go into more detail on how to stop and start the batch server as well as stop and start the accounting tasks which is important for processing journals.

The only time you will stop and start your batch server is when your accounting tasks are active, but the journals are on hold.

You would then first need to make the accounting task inactive, stop and start the batch server and then reactivate the accounting task.

First, we will change the accounting task to inactive.

How to go about changing the accounting task to inactive in Sage Enterprise Management?

Navigate to Usage > Batch Server > Accounting Tasks

As you can see the accounting task is active but there are 24 journals on Hold.

In the right panel click on Stop to make the accounting tasks inactive.

Once you have clicked on Stop the status will change to Inactive.

Next step will be to stop and start the batch server.

How to go about stopping the batch server in Sage Enterprise Management?

Navigate to Administration > Administration > Endpoints > Batch Server

On the screen you will be able to see the status of the batch server and you also have the option to set the batch server to Auto start or not. Auto start means that if you have an unexpected server restart over a weekend the batch server will automatically start up which leaves you with only starting the accounting task.

Click on the actions icon next to the code X3ERPV11 

Once you click on the actions icon you need to select the option Stop all

This will ensure that the batch server stops completely.

Once you have selected Stop All the status will change to Stopped.

Click on the actions icon again next to the pencil and select Start to restart the batch server.

Once you have selected Start the status will change to Running.

How to go about changing the accounting task to active in Sage Enterprise Management?

Navigate to Usage > Batch Server > Accounting Tasks

In the right panel select the option Run Now to start the accounting task again.

Once you have selected Run Now you will get a question Start accounting tasks, select Yes.

The status will change to restart in progress.

Give it a minute or two and select the refresh button in the right panel. The Task status will change to Active and the journals on hold will update to Zero.

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