Acuity launch into 2018 after a record 1st Quarter

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 02-Jan-2018 13:33:49

 Returned from the festive break, refreshed and ready for the new challenges and objectives 2018 offers, after a little digital detox, i'm delighted to share this short update.

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The launch of Sage Business Cloud

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 07-Nov-2017 12:03:23


At Acuity, we embraced change possibly a little ahead of the curve, and though the past 18 months have seen the transformation and adoption of Sage's cloud solutions add value to our business and our customer business alike.

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Digital Transformation and Personal Brand

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 09-Sep-2016 07:30:00

Over the past few months, I have explored a lot of content about digital transformation, with Social Selling being a hot topic in the technology sphere.

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The Account Management Team: Knowing Our Customers

Posted by Pam Raiyat on 08-Sep-2016 07:30:00

Knowing Our Customers

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A Unique Portfolio

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 30-Aug-2016 12:49:46


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Introducing the New Acuity Brand

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 11-Mar-2016 18:00:00

Over the past few weeks we have had a number of discussions internally about the merits and requirements of re-branding.. yes we are about to re-brand, so I thought I'd use the opportunity to express my beliefs and see what reaction it stimulates. 

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Consultative Selling is the Only Way

Posted by Amy Scurr on 09-Mar-2016 10:48:00

Forming relationships is a vital part of the sales process; not just to ask questions to establish the likeliness of your prospect buying your product but to actually understand if you can help.

Whilst making the sale is a priority, it is actually far more important to find a solution that can make the company successful and reach their goals. If the solution you’ve provided helps them face their challenges you have built trust. This can ensure the client stays with you as they become more successful and grow as a business.

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A New Dawn continued…. All Change at Acuity & Sage

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 11-Dec-2015 15:22:00

Since reflecting on the transformation at Sage in my previous blog, the leadership team at Acuity have been reviewing our business model and reflecting on Sage’s speed of change.

Now, on Friday 11th December… A New Dawn has come into being. Not just at Sage but now at Acuity, not under new leadership, but revised and enhanced in order to support the future of business management solutions.

The date became a special occasion for the entire business as we welcomed Stephen Kelly Sage, CEO and Alan Laing, Sage EVP of Global Strategic Partnerships & Alliances.

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The Sunday Times Fast Track 2015 and Acuity

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 16-Nov-2015 14:43:58

We are delighted to see Sage (our vendor) sponsoring one of the categories in 2015, I have viewed and analysed the output from the tech track and fast tracks for many years and it's great to see UK businesses develop and grow and be acknowledged for their success.

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The Vuelta, Tour de France and Teamwork

Posted by James Mitchell on 25-Aug-2015 11:08:00

Imagine going from London to Paris seven times in three weeks.

Seems like a lot of traveling in a short period?

Now imagine cycling it. Up to 96 hours sat on a saddle which is not much more than a sheet of carbon fibre (remove wince from face before continuing to read). Spread it out over 21 days and you have burnt 70,000 calories. That’s the same amount as 265 beef burgers.

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