Enhancing payment processing in Sage 300

Posted by Cloudia Harding on 30-Sep-2015 15:57:00

The change in how we make and receive payments in our personal lives using tools such as online banking, Paypal and contactless technology has been reflected in the business environment as it becomes more of a necessity to transfer money instantly. In today’s world sending payment via cheque is no longer a viable option. It is time consuming, costly in stationary and postage whilst being outdated.

At Acuity we have seen a spike in Sage 300 customers

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Part Two of Three: What can an Add-on do for your Business?

Posted by Andrew Henderson on 10-Sep-2015 16:21:00

Part One of this guide went through the more generic Sage 200 add-ons that move across all industries.

In part two you will be introduced to a number of add-ons that focus on CRM, ecommerce, warehousing and construction amongst much more.

As the Sage channel has grown over the years, so has the number of industry specific add-ons that are available. These seamlessly link into Sage 200, reducing/eradicating manual processing.

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Part One of Three: What can an Add-on do for your Business?

Posted by Andrew Henderson on 14-Aug-2015 10:18:15

Sage 200 is very versatile in the world of accounting. Simple financials and even commercials are available out of the box. However, additional functionality does exist in the marketplace, this covers everything from asset management to warehouse management and onto cash flow forecasting, to mention just a few areas.

With over 50 add-ons available there isn’t much that can’t be done these days.

Part One of this guide will take you through the Sage 200 add-ons that encompass the vast majority of industries.

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Draycir, Sage & Significant Improvements in Credit Control

Posted by Cloudia Harding on 23-Jul-2015 07:09:00

In a recent blog we looked at how Sage 200 can help manage your cash flow and perform credit control tasks. At Acuity we have found many companies have a requirement to increase the efficiency of their credit controllers and automate some of the daily tasks.

Draycir’s Credit Hound is one of the most established credit control solutions on the market for Sage 200 and has proven to be a popular choice amongst many end users. It is an inexpensive credit control solution that streamlines and automates credit control processes in your business. It is designed to help you reduce the time it takes to get paid - improving your cash flow and saving you time.

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How can your Sage 200 Extra Software Help to Keep your Cash Flow Healthy?

Posted by Cloudia Harding on 16-Jul-2015 16:31:00

Cash flow is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. When credit control is poor and there isn’t enough money in the bank, even profitable businesses can suffer. With this in mind, the credit control function quickly becomes a key part of your operations. Ensuring your credit controllers have the tools they need can greatly enhance the number of debts collected and the speed in which payments are made.

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