Document Management and Workflow Opportunities

Posted by Tom Coyne on 01-Jul-2015 10:43:00

The ability to collect data and store it is not hard. The ability to do this efficiently and in such a way as to allow visibility is hard.

So how can we make sure this information is able to flow through the business smoothly, ensuring the relevant people can make the important decisions accurately and in a timely manner?

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Topics: Business Process, Document Management

CRM Fraiche – The New and Improved Sage CRM 7.3

Posted by Michael Bulman on 29-Apr-2015 10:07:22

2015 has seen complete revamps of Sage 200 and Sage 50. Both of which have resulted in Sage confirming their market leading qualities in the SMB market.

However, in an unusual oversight the revamp for Sage CRM has barely been noticed or promoted. Shocking in that it is the biggest change for many a year.

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Topics: Business Growth, Acuity Solutions, Sage CRM, Business Process

Seven ways to grow you business; insight from Sage

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 03-Feb-2015 11:51:17

Insight from our colleagues at Sage; 7 ways to grow with Sage ERP X3

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Topics: Business Growth, Sage ERP X3, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process

Top 10 tips to avoid late payments and maintain that all important cash flow

Posted by Cloudia Harding on 16-Oct-2014 11:26:00

1.    Know your customers - Running credit checks on new and existing customers could save you valuable time and money in the future.

2.    Make Payment Easy - Be clear and consistent about your payment terms ensuring they are included on every invoice you send. Be upfront about timeframes, costs associated with late payment and acceptable payment methods.

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Topics: Business Process

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