The Devil Within - Spreadsheets

Posted by Amy Scurr on 10-Dec-2015 14:19:00

For any manager or business owner, it is essential to analyse and understand their financials.

For most, spreadsheets are a thing of the past; however, a few of the financial controllers we speak to still have their departments using this method or paper-based systems.

Some love it and using a system you are comfortable with can prove to be efficient; however, sometimes it just can’t get the job done or push the business toward development and growth.

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Topics: Business Growth, Excel

The Keyboard is King – Everyday Excel Shortcuts

Posted by Paul Young on 21-Jul-2015 15:42:48

Excel is a big part of my life. As the main reporting consultant here at Acuity I spend a large portion of my working hours using Excel. It even pervades in to my personal life with spreadsheets built for anything (and everything) I can put it to use for – from the household budget to my golf club’s annual Crown League Finals score tracking system.

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