The Launch of Sage 200 Standard

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 06-Oct-2015 15:33:00

Sage are releasing a new solution into the UK market, Sage 200 Standard, positioned as:

  • a straightforward and cost effective online solution
  • an intuitive tool to manage your finances and stock, providing greater control for your business
  • powerful reporting tools that improve performance and business insight



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Customer Success Stories, M.W. Beer & Co Ltd.

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 14-Aug-2015 14:55:00

M.W. Beer & Co. Ltd. trade bulk shipments to the technical, feed and tallow industries worldwide. Successfully marketing crude soybean oil and mixed vegetable acid oils in Europe and South Africa. They break bulk in Hull and Liverpool for animal feed in the UK and Ireland. They trade bulk palm and lauric oils from Indonesia and Malaysia, aggregate and bulk ship tallow from South America, USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

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Nan on Facebook? Welcome to 2014!

Posted by James Mitchell on 24-Nov-2014 17:25:00

When I suggested to my Nan that she got herself a tablet she responded “I already take 16 a day I don’t want any more thank you.” However, 6 months later she now sits in her front room happily using her android tablet to keep up with the local news, do her online banking and interact with her friend. I now have to come to terms with the fact that there is only a certain amount of time I can ignore her Facebook friend request.

I recently saw an article in The Telegraph about a high tech Ice Cream van where Mr Whippy fans can now track down their nearest ice cream van through a new app, rather than listening out for those Greensleeves chimes. It has created a new app, which allows ice-cream fans to track the movement of its 19-strong fleet of vans, and can even plot routes so that customers can schedule an ice cream into their day. Amazing. You can read the rest of the article here.

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Food, Brands & ERP!

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 31-Oct-2014 10:19:48

I am a home cook fanatic; I have over 30 cook books spanning a broad range of cultures and cuisines, yet I rarely follow a recipe. My son eats home cooked food, my wife and I rarely go out to eat without asking the question "could we have created better at home?", and we virtually never eat fast food. 

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What moves faster? Light? Sound? Technology?

Posted by James Mitchell on 03-Oct-2014 10:57:00

Last week saw the release of the iPhone 6. Making my iPhone 4 somewhat out-dated. They look similar, have the same buttons in similar places and do very similar functions. Yet my 8 year old cousin has just informed me that my phone is “ancient”.

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Around the world in 80 Milliseconds

Posted by James Mitchell on 26-Sep-2014 11:05:00

As I cycled to work this morning in the cold and wet I complained about the 40 minute cycle I undertake as ritual. Whilst stopped at a red light I started to think about one of my recent customers. Jeremy Cain the Group Financial controller of Executive Channel Europe. Living in Sydney and working for a British company. Making my 40 minutes of pedalling seem miniscule.

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Are you a 21st Century Business?

Posted by James Mitchell on 04-Aug-2014 12:24:00

The world has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Imagine seeing people walking around looking down at a screen on the old brick sized mobile phones with the aerial poking out to double its size.

Yet walking down the high street today everybody is looking at a slick handset barely paying attention to their surroundings. The age of the smart phone is with us and companies and finance systems have duly responded.

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2 Cloud or not 2 Cloud? We asked the Questions. Here are the answers.

Posted by Debbie Boden on 25-Apr-2014 12:37:00

We recently held a Seminar on Cloud Computing focussed around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software in conjunction with Sage UK. The event was held at the Institute of Directors (IOD) on Pall Mall, London and looked to unravel the facts and fiction that are presented each day regarding the Cloud and offer simple suggestions on the choices and options available; Does one size fit all? Is there a greater freedom of choice?

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