Inspiration from the Equine World

Posted by Kessie Merritt on 31-Oct-2016 07:48:03

Ask any horse lover about their relationship with horses and they are likely to tell you that it is a form of addiction.  For some it is the adrenaline fuelled experience of galloping across a field, for others it is the feeling of partnership with an incredible animal.  In addition to the riding there is also the outdoor lifestyle which goes hand in hand with the world of horses.

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Sage Life - Is this the Future?

Posted by Michael Bulman on 21-May-2015 16:07:00

On the 12th of May 2015, Stephen Kelly and Marc Benioff, the respective CEO’s of Sage and Salesforce came together to announce the launch of a global partnership between the two companies.

The initial result of this partnership is Sage Life - a tool that is based on the Salesforce platform and enables small business to have easy access to all their financial and customer data in one place via multiple platforms.

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Topics: Sage ERP Software, Sage Integration Software, Salesforce

Are you driving a Smart car when you need a minibus?

Posted by James Mitchell on 17-Mar-2015 07:30:00

As families grow there is a clear difference in the cars that are parked on their drives. Noticed since little Jimmy’s arrival next door that SLK has been switched for Range Rover? This is down to pure logistics, 2 seats for a 3 person family just isn’t going to work. This is a similar situation to what businesses find with basic finance systems as they experience business growth.

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Topics: Sage 50 Limitations, Business Growth, Sage ERP Software, Sage 50 Migration

How to Indentify the Marginal Gains in your Business

Posted by Michael Bulman on 16-Mar-2015 11:23:00

Marginal gains are as important in business as they are in sport. The most successful sporting example is the Great British track cycling team. This is championed by Chris Boardman and more specifically the Secret Squirrel Club; an organisation consisting of some of the brightest minds in the United Kingdom.

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Topics: Sage ERP Software, Acuity Solutions, Marginal Gains

Choosing the right ERP Solution - Sage ERP X3

Posted by Debbie Boden on 24-Oct-2014 12:22:00

Choosing the right ERP solution helps your organisation to achieve unequalled speed and responsiveness throughout your organisation, and represents a strategic choice for developing your business.

Sage ERP X3 combines all the advantages for ERP performance whilst maintaining simplicity, flexibility and scalability in a fully integrated, cost effective, easy to migrate, end-to-end solution.

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Topics: Sage ERP Software, Sage ERP X3, Enterprise Resource Planning

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