What does it mean to be a pioneer?

Posted by Marcus Leathwood on 08-Feb-2017 12:14:41

To clarify, we cannot take the plaudits for the development of the software solution #SageLive but as the first UK partner to adopt Sage Live I can explain a little of how this pioneering journey began and the lessons we learnt.

Pioneer - nouna person who among the first to explore. verbdevelop or be the first to use or apply a new method, area of knowledge.

Acuity have never been the biggest Sage Partner or aspired to be if we were honest. We have always felt the principles of our success were based on offering a great service to our clients, a wide range of products in our unique solutions portfolio and a high level of expertise in delivering these.

We were first introduced to Sage Live at Sage Summit in New Orleans (Summer 2015). From this, we started an internal review where we decided to develop relationships with old and new peers at Sage to understand how this new application built on the Salesforce platform was likely to impact on two fronts; firstly, customer adoption and secondly, how would the heritage Sage Partner channel react?

We have long known that buying decisions on technology have evolved, be that for a StartUp, Scale or Enterprise business. The customers needs and desire for choice has in my opinion never been clearer, whether that is based on the cloud vs. hosted vs. on premise decision, or subscription vs. perpetual licensing models to name a few. There are always these critical questions to consider; does the solution meet the needs of their business today as well as their needs for the future, what efficiency gains does it offer and data which allows us to make decisions based on the fact, the more insight we have, the clearer the outcomes are and the quicker changes can be implemented.

Our vision and strategy was developing much like it had in 2011 when we adopted Sage X3 and the Sage Enterprise (then brand Sage ERP X3) solution.

Seeing the transformation and change process under the new direction of Stephen Kelly and his Executive team, we made a very conscious (some say bold) decision that we would become an early adopter of the new Sage Partner Programme (SPP) and a pioneer in the whole new world of Sage Live and the associated Eco-System.

Of course this hasn't been all plain sailing but who would have expected that! The Acuity On-Demand team (that I have the privilege to lead) have made monumental shifts in the capability and solution design within Sage Live for customers and are now running a weekly webinar series to provide further insight into the solutions.

I look forward to seeing you on these sessions over the coming weeks. We will also be producing some short video's for you to watch at you leisure and would welcome the opportunity to meet you. I would recommend attending SageSummit which will be held in London on 5th & 6th April at the Excel.

Sage Summit.bin

To learn more about Sage Live, click the link below to sign up to our weekly webinars:


Please contact us today to find out more!

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